We actually employ a specialized automotive photographer in our team, he has been shooting cars since 1988, so he really knows just how to depict art on wheels that will make people dream about actually being behind the wheel of the car in the picture.

Disegno-S offers various pre-configured packages to car enthusiasts, ranging from the quick and easy CD only pack right up to the feature packed BOOK where you actually receive a real life hard back featuring your very own ride.

Our automotive photography specialist uses the latest, state of the art equipment ranging from high end digital cameras and fast professional lenses right up to custom rigs for action shots and strobes to bring out the details on your wheels.

Our extensive car portfolio has been acknowledged by publications from all over the world, our images have been featured in countless magazines, on calendars and won several 'Hall of Fame' contests.

If there is a feature you don't seem to be able to locate on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are confident that we can offer you a solution within your budget that will put your pride and joy in the spotlights.

Check out the Automotive GALLERY for additional samples of our work.

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