This is the Disegno-S Basic website development package, but it's features aren't basic at all. We will design a website that suits your needs perfectly, starting with an intro or home page holding a logo we can create if required and a total of five sub pages.

Included in the Basic pack :

Custom made web design, we don't use templates but start with a blank page for each project.

Logo creation is included in the new template we develop for your site.

One designer will be working on your site from start to finish.

1 to 9 pages using the template we designed to your specifications.

Up to two templates : one for the home page and a different one in the same style for the sub pages.

A contact script page, this way your email address isn't listed on the site which avoids spam-bots.

Fixed price guarantee, the price you sign on for is the price you will pay.

Optimized programming, both for download speed, low bandwidth use and low server workload.

Free one year, European based hosting with domain name registration (.com, .nl, .be ...) included (no cheaper US based hosting)

Highly detailed web stats available (visitors, hits, traffic, pages ...)

A maximum of 25 email accounts we create for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and submission to the major search engines included free of charge.

Your site will be tested on FireFox, Internet Explorer (v6 up to the latest version) and Google Chrome, both on PC and Mac Operating System.

Personal, technical support during development and after you've taken delivery of your site.

Upgrade to higher pack always available along the way.

Priced at only 395,- Euro (incl VAT).

Feel free to contact us on +32 (0)486 / 86 66 72,
or fill in our contact page