Content is King, we all know that, but how do you get the best possible set up to maintain your very own website easily ? With the trademarked Disegno-S CMS option, we have created a full featured content management system that will take care of all the necessary steps to make adding information and pages to your website easier than ever.

Naturally we will fine tune the CMS to your needs, but even the standard has just about all the options your might ever need, by using the Disegno-S CMS system you can keep your site expanding well into the future without having to ask for any outsiders to help you.

Adding pages, articles, texts, images and even custom headers per page has been made so easy that you will find be able to add material to your site on a regular basis without having to spend hours on end each day. Even the entire menu structure is totally customizable, adding menu options, removing them, having item appear on specific dates for special actions ... the Disegno-S CMS takes care of it all.

Some companies might charge thousands for a system like this, but the Disegno-S CMS including domain name registration or move and a full year hosting on our fast European based hosts can be yours for only 795,- Euro (VAT incl), a recurring fee of 50 Euro / year will be required for hosting and holding on of the domain name after the initial year.

Feel free to contact us on +32 (0)486 / 86 66 72,
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