Full action

Our action packed option, during this 2-hour session we'll take both stills and high speed photographs of your car. If you like we can select two locations for you so we can be sure to get some amazing action shots in all safety. All the photographs we've taken during this session will be given to you on a DVD while you can make a selection of up to 10 photographs which we'll digitally enhance further before we print them on large 30x40 cm High Grade paper.

Included in this pack : All photographs are digitally enhanced to get the best quality possible. A custom Disegno-S disc holding ALL the photographs taken during the 2-hour session in a nice box with inlay featuring your ride. You can select up to 10 photographs which we meticulously enhance by hand. Up to 10 high quality prints on large 30x40cm, heavy cardboard stock paper. We don't count the minutes while shooting, if it takes a little longer than 2 hours, no problem, we aim to get the best shots while taking our time to do it. We bring two camera bodies and a lot of equipment to the session so we don't miss a great shot while changing lenses or when the clouds come in. Travel time. That's right, we don't charge our travel time to our customers, we are more than happy to take a drive to your location without adding extra costs. Check out the Automotive GALLERY for additional samples of our work.

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