Road show

Please select this pack when your event happens on the open road, which will require us to travel during the day to make sure not to miss any shots, we even have in-car video recording available with this pack for no extra charge.

The ROAD show is concentrated on one single day, but it comprises both stills and action shots, the latter using our custom car-rig to make sure we get the action were it happens, on the road.

Again you will be able to select a total of 50 photographs you like best from the ones we supply which we enhance further using the best software available.

Included in this pack :

* A total of no less than 10 hours are foreseen in this package. * All photographs are digitally enhanced to get the best quality possible. * A custom Disegno-S disc holding ALL the photographs taken during the day in a nice box with inlay featuring images of the event. * You can select up to 50 photographs which we meticulously enhance by hand. * We bring two camera bodies and a lot of equipment to the event so we don't miss a great shot while changing lenses. * Travel time. That's right, we don't charge our travel time to our customers, we are more than happy to drive a while (within the BeNeLux) to make it to your event without adding extra costs !

NOTE : If your event requires an entree fee you will need to cover entry for one person and a car that holds the equipment. Normally we will require special entry to be able to arrive early and get set-up and shooting before visitors arrive so this shouldn't be an issue.

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